Jackie Space

Co-founder, BMNT

Hello, I’m Jackie Space. I seek understanding of the structural and conceptual relationships inside systems and how they can be “hacked” to produce solutions more efficiently. My background is in military space systems development as a systems engineer. I’m building my company, BMNT, and the Hacking for Defense non-profit, with our most recent launches in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. My focus is in public-private partnerships in national security, where I’ve given talks and panel contributions ranging from the White House to SXSW. As a former Air Force officer, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of building effective government programs that protect our national security interests. Prior to BMNT, Aerospace Systems Engineer: I worked at the Space and Missile Center, Scitor (now SAIC), the Patuxent Partnership and Army’s Rapid Equipping Force Former Air Force Officer (logistics) with a deployment in 2003 I write about my experiences as a startup in Silicon Valley, LA, and national security. I’m most interested in solving government problems that are a result of bureaucracy and less in endless policy discussions. I care about this because the US spends too much taxpayer money and smart people’s time building expensive tech that can’t keep pace with emerging problems. For fun I love snowboarding, surfing, running, anime and travel with my daughter.